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Welcome to the Career section

​Millennium Trainer is always looking to supply the customer with the most highly trained and educated staff possible. As an employee you are required to have at least 3 years of documented field experience. We are always looking for more trainers with specialty training outside the general training atmosphere. Post Rehab or Fitness Therapy, Aquatics Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Sport & Strength Training, Spinning or Cycling 
                       Job Requirements:
1) Full Personal and Professional Back Ground Checks will be performed.  
2) Certifications from Accredited school or Certification Company must be current.
3) CPR/ First Aid / AED training must be current
 4) Updated CEU's or CEC's in their Specialty
​ 5) If you hold a Specialty Certification you must hold a National Accredited CFT certification as well as the above requirements.

              IN-HOUSE CERTIFICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED (If you worked for a gym or company that supplied their own training or certification we will NOT accept it as an accredited certification). Contact us for more information at  or call us at 914-346-5165.