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 Guided Nutrition

Welcome to Millennium Trainer's Guided Nutrition Page. We have encountered a number of situation where someone doesn't understand what calories are, to what ratio of Proteins, Carbs and Fats is healthy.  Millennium Trainer has a staff of Certified Nutrition Specialist to help guide you in a direction to a new and better life style with an education healthy food choices.

Have any of the following questions crossed your mind:

What's your reason to eat healthy? A near future special event, New life course, Physical restrictions or limitations?

  >Whats a healthy BMI?

 > What is your personal BMI?

  >What can you eat or can you NOT eat under special health condition?

  >Whats a good vitamin(s)?

  >Should you eat more ?_______? before you exercise?

  >What is a good meal for a specific time of day?

  >How many times a day should you eat?

  >How much water should you have a daily?

  >Whats a healthy snack? and how much is considered a snack?

  >How many calories should you eat a day?

 >What is a my motive to eat healthy?

 >Are commercial "Fad" diets good and effective?

 >Training for a specific purpose(Sport, marathon, Boot camp / intense fitness training, pre-natal , should you alter your eating to accommodate your purpose ?

Millennium Trainer has all the answers and the tools to help you create new goals and exceed them. Contact us for a consultation, we would like to help you get to the goals you want and exceed them. For further information view our service page

1) What should I eat at what time?
The most common reply we give is are you looking to lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain weight? Then it comes down to ratio's. Carb. %, Protein %, Fat%. Yes carbs is an option. and fat % are included in the weight loss category.

2) How much water is to much?  
Let start off with how essential water is to the body. How much water does the body hold? In Pounds(LBS) Example: a 200 Lb male hold 120 lbs of water on his total body frame, a 100 LBS woman holds 60LBs of water. In total body weight water makes up 60% of total body weight. In a anatomical breakdown Bones contain 22%, adipose tissue 25%, Muscle cells 75% and blood holds 83% of water. Water is a solvent, role in growth, catalyst, lubricant, temperature regulator, and a mineral source. With this full explaination the purpose of this info is to understand how to balance your fluids for intake and output on a daily basis.
So how much should you drink? 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 4 liters? check out this weeks News letter for the full answer.

Millennium Trainer does off our clients our future clients a Free Consultation to help them understand what course of action needs to be taken to acomplished 

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