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Jane B. Yonkers, NY  Verified Review 2016


​​Client: Mathew G.
From Valeria G.

Testimonial Date: 11/4/14
Training Duration: 2012- Present

Age: 17

Training Location: Tuckahoe, NY (Gym)
Occupation while training: Student
Current Location: Eastchester, NY

 My 17 year old son has trained under Jeremy for more than 2 years.  Under Jeremy’s guidance, he has turned from a skinny, shy young man to a confidant teenager with broad shoulders and a beaming smile. Jeremy works with him every other day in the summer and on weekends during the school year. My son is addicted to going to the gym now and living a healthy life style. Jeremy suggests exercise routines that are challenging, yet fun. My son has never been bored and his workouts have never been repetitive. The hour my son spends with Jeremy goes by so fast and when it is over, my son is sweaty, tired and smiling. Perfect results. He is healthy, which makes me very happy. Jeremy is truly an excellent trainer and I highly recommend  him without reservation.

 Valeria G.            Eastchester, NY


Client:  Edith W.
Testimonial Date: 10/31/2001

​Age: n/a

Training Location: White Plains, NY
Occupation while training: Professional Golfer
Current Location: Phoenix, AZ

    This letter to recognize Jeremy as an accomplished personal Trainer & fitness instructor. I have gotten to know Jeremy in the last several months at the New York Sport Club where I am a member and frequent user. I make my living as a golf professional and Jeremy has been very helpful in presenting and working with me on a variety of golf specific training exercises. His knowledge and strong motivational techniques have inspired me to continue with weight training throughout my  winter season in California. I have also thoroughly enjoyed taking Jeremy's very well attended cardiovascular spin classes.
                               Edith W., LPGA

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Client:  Doug D.
Testimonial Date: 2/2009
Training Duration: 2008 - 13

​Age: 20

Training Location: Mt. Vernon, NY (resident)
Occupation while training: Student
Current Location: Mt. Vernon, NY

  Jeremy helped me improve my baseball training on the off season when I played at a local college. I trained with Jeremy 3 times a week to work on my speed, agility and flexibility. I was able to increase my muscle strength and flexibility and as he always stated "my strength in my smaller muscle groups was as important as the larger muscle groups". I still work with Jeremy on my days off or when I am available to make time. I would tell you to use Jeremy if you looking to train for a specific purpose like a sport. He has a very diverse knowledge of exercises to improve your strength.


Client:  Maria M.

Testimonial Date: 5/2008
Training  duration: 2007- 08

​Age: 31

Training Location: S.Orlando, Florida
Occupation while training: Orange County Corrections
Current Location: Winter Park, Florida

   I worked with Jeremy while he was located at a gym in South Orlando from 2007 - 2008. It was a pleasure working with him while he helped me recover from a job related shoulder injury. I approached Jeremy months before I got injured about creating new fitness programs for me to improve my training routines as my job position was changing at the time. On July 19, 2007 I was injured at my job that caused me to under go surgery for small shoulder tear. In mid August I approached Jeremy about rehabilitation on my shoulder. After I went through the steps to follow my surgery I met with Jeremy and after a few month I was able to get 95% of my shoulder movement back as I regained all my strength back. It was a great experience working with him for a little over a year as he helped me rebuild myself. I would highly recommend Jeremy if you are looking to get fit or if  you  have a injury to recover from.

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